Feeling Better

Having been running along very happily with lots of sewing going on, the latter half of February saw my creative time and energy disappear. Firstly, a poorly girl. My daughter came down with a raging temperature, sickness, rashes and was very unhappy. An initial misdiagnosis, followed by a pharmacy error with medication has meant 5 weeks later she is still on antibiotics to clear any remaining nasties in her system but is almost back to being herself again.  This was followed by a painful ear infection for my son and having let myself get run down caring for the kids l wound up with the flu and a chest infection so all in all it’s not been a great few weeks.

Now we are almost fully fit again it’s time to get back to sewing. I have so many projects on the go and as always so many more I want to try. Whether making Christmas stockings for the GT Quilters stocking challenge or a few blocks to donate to The 70,273 Project, with my Make Nine plans I get to be a bit creative and I find it brings me calm, it’s something I do for myself, its something I do by myself and it gives me a great sense of achievement whenever I manage to complete a project.

Today it made me feel like a Superhero. My beautiful daughter is currently obsessed with jigsaw puzzles and does them over and over and over again. We have Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine, Nemo, Cars and even a few from my childhood which were brought over by my Mum at Christmas.  This morning she brought me her bag of jigsaws and told me the carrier bag was broken, she gave it a good shake and pointed at the pieces falling out the bottom of the bag. I asked her if we should make a new bag and she beamed at me “Yes please!”. So she got to choose a piece of fabric and 20 minutes later we have a very simple drawstring bag, and it made her so happy. She is now walking all round the house with it muttering to herself about her new bag. And I feel brilliant for making her so happy so quickly without a penny being spent (thanks to a good stash and supply of crafty bits!).

It’s a great boost and pushes me to get back to my sewing machines. I want to get in a little dress making while still trying out useful pouches and patterns and (with a recent splurge on fabric) there is another quilt coming not too far in the future as well. I have my supplies for almost all of these and now, thanks to a happy little girl I have my motivation back too.



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