Getting Organised

Most of you know by now that I love Instagram. I can get lost for hours scrolling through posts, be it fabric or patterns or basically anything sewing related. I had it in my head over the new year that if I want to get more sewing done then I need to plan it into my day or week.

There seems to be a big thing for planning at the moment. You only have to enter #bulletjournal or #bujo in to your search bar to see hundreds of images showing how people are planning almost every minute of their lives and some in the most beautiful ways as these images from My Blue Sky Design on Instagram show!

After a bit of searching around and decided I couldn’t find quite one single planner that suited what I was looking for so I created my own with lots of free printables found online. I have a weekly plan page, money pages for saving up and budgeting and some project pages. If you are looking to get a bit more organised with your sewing or life in general you may find some of these helpful.

  • Eliza Ellis has some printable sheets for fabric and pattern inventories and well as project sheets here
  • More project planning sheets here from Pixels to Patchwork
  • See Kate Sew has some fab sewing related colouring pages here and some brilliant printable for organising your sewing space here
  • Miss Tiina has lots of free resources for planning your projects, finances, recipes and cleaning schedules so is well worth a look

There are many other tools out there for planning or recording your sewing. I have only seen one up close and that is the Makers Workbook from Creative Industry available here. This is great for all your dressmaking notes and pattern adjustment details that you want to record for future use. If you are more of a quilter than a dressmaker then I have seen many people posting online photos of the Quilters Planner so this is certainly worth a look.

Do you plan your sewing? How do you make sure you factor your creative time in when busy with family and daily life? Please let me know if you have any planning tips or tricks to share!



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