Welcome 2017!

Happy New Year! Since my last post mid November time seems to have flown by. With J now at school there were so many events and things going on before school finished and then with my girl’s birthday just two days before Christmas we were putting out Santa’s plate before we knew it!

J enjoyed the lead up to Christmas, he did his first school play dressed as a snowman, enjoyed Christmas jumper day and had a Christmas party that lasted two afternoons due to the amount of sweets and treats sent in by all the class parents! We were invited into the classroom for a family fun morning where we made Christmas decorations, reindeer food and finger painted cards. By the time term finished he was shattered! We had a few days to settle things down before B’s second birthday which we celebrated with a birthday lunch at McDonalds and a trip to Hyde Hall RHS Garden which is one of our favourite places to visit.

Christmas Eve was fairly low key, but we laid our plate out for Santa with a few biscuits, milk and a carrot from the garden for Rudolph. The plate had to be refilled a few times when I realised B was sneaking over and nibbling away at the treats!  I did manage to get my Christmas sewing finished and was pleased with Christmas shirt for B and a large quilt (55″x60″) for us all to snuggle under!

But as is always the case, time files round and now we are back into our normal routine. I think B is enjoying a little playtime with out her brother and J is more than ready for the challenges school brings. While they are keeping busy I am hopeful I can get a little more sewing time in. I have been desperate to make some new cushions for our living room. The ones we have are tired and a bit flat, certainly well past their best. I’ve been toying with various patterns and fabrics and not really settled on anything until I found the patterns by Elizabeth Hartman (check out her Instagram here!). As soon as I saw the sloth I knew I had to have it and made it up within a few days, only delayed by waiting for the right fabric for the tree! I also love the pattern for Bjorn Bear which I believe will be coming out next month. The pattern for Fancy forest is amazing and so far I have tried out Hazel Hedgehog but I’m sure it won’t be long before I give another animal a go! All I need now is some new cushion pads and the sofa will be looking brighter and friendlier than ever!!

I have quite a few sewing goals for 2017, more clothes for myself, more for both J & B, and a few pieces to brighten up our home. Who knows what the year ahead will bring and how much I’ll get done but with a bit of careful planning maybe I’ll surprise myself! I hope you had a happy time with loved ones over the festive period and that 2017 will be a healthy and happy year for us all!


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