Anyone for Ice Cream?

According to reports this is the hottest September on record for quite some time and here in the South East we are certainly feeling it. With the temperature hovering around 31 degrees here when collecting my son from school today we headed to the closest McDonalds and all had a McFlurry to cool down! I certainly can’t remember it being this warm in mid September for a few years and while we generally love to be outdoors it is all a bit much!

So, if I’m going to be indoors I might as well be sewing right? I had the Oliver and S Ice Cream dress cut out last week but had yet to get started so having picked up some matching thread I got cracking! It’s a beautiful pattern with lined yoke, a little cut out neckline and front patch pockets. Having sewn so much gingham lately I did want to get it made up before my eyes went square so I omitted the notch in the neckline and skipped the pockets but I’m really happy with it.

I love that almost all the seams are enclosed which leaves you with a dress almost as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Trying it for the first time it took a while to sew and being honest I had to grab the stitch ripper a couple of times but would be much faster a second time around! I love the Cotton and Steel Checkers fabric in this and it is beautifully matched with some Kona Sage.

So that’s my third entry into the Ginghamalong. I’m really pleased that I pushed myself a bit to try out new patterns with the fabric I won and it’s added to both mine and my little lady’s handmade wardrobe! I still have a little of this Story Blue check left but I think I’ll just hold on to it until I find another pattern to inspire me.

Despite the hot weather my inbox has been pinging away with emails from here and there beginning to show off Christmas fabrics and the collections this year are lovely. I already have my eye on these two! Maybe I’ll make up some matching Christmas jim jams for the kids and with my girl being a Christmas baby (December 23rd!!!) she will no doubt need a birthday outfit as well as something for Christmas day. Have you started your Christmas sewing yet? Any favourite patterns to share?


Anyway, enough about Christmas – anyone for iced tea?


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