Lets try this again!

So long time – no post! I have to admit to completely losing track and trying to do far too much with lots being left unfinished or not done well. I’ve been through phases of baking/cooking, sewing and gardening all while trying to keep my two monkeys occupied but now it’s time to get a bit more organised and start planning and using my time better.

So with my boy starting school in a couple of weeks its time to get myself in gear.  I will try to do some catch up posts of what I’ve been doing but I’ll highlight just a few bits here.

On the sewing front, my favourite make for me has been the Willow Tank from Grainline Studios. A quick and simple make, well suited to beginners and ideal for summer. I played around with the fit a little and made three of them and they have been comfortable and light, perfect for those warm days. After the success of the shorts I made for J last year he has had another three pairs this year, again using the pattern from MADE Everyday There are numerous ways to customise this pattern on Dana’s blog so you do get a lot for your money with this one! B has also had a few home sewn bits with my favourite being a little summer dress made using the Geranium Dress pattern from Made by Rae. Again a brilliant pattern with lots of options so you never have to make the same one twice.

The garden has taken up a lot of my time over the summer. I threw myself into planting and growing with hopes of lots of healthy produce right outside the back door. There have been some successes and some poor results but overall quite happy with what we achieved and with the growing season not over yet we should still be eating from the garden here and there for another few months. Another addition to the garden was a sandpit for the kids, made from an old tractor tyre I managed to acquire. Not sure what I’ll do with it as winter approaches but no doubt I’ll think of something!

So thats me for now, and I’ll try to keep up this time! Over the next couple of weeks I have to get my boy ready for starting school. He’s super excited so you’ll find me uniform shopping and fixing name tags and maybe having a couple of practice runs getting us all ready in the mornings! Once school starts I should have a little more time on my hands however with my little lady growing up so quickly and being ever more demanding who knows!! You can always pop over to my Instagram to see the latest!




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