Where did February go?

Following my last post in early February I got lost in the day (and night) job of motherhood. A very cranky little lady with a mouth infection,  also teething with some enormous molars cutting through saw me very much in demand and generally having to hold or carry my girl almost constantly. Of course, once one child is getting the majority of my attention the other starts to play up and before long most of the month was gone in a haze of attempting to calm and soothe them both and trying to administer medicine by sneaking it into the baby’s food.

IMG_1405So, did I manage to complete anything last month? Thankfully I did and the 12in12 is still on track. I completed the frame purse and while mostly pleased with it it’s not something I’m likely to try again. Fitting it to the frame was fiddly and I’m still not totally happy with it but I tried it and completed it so it’s ticked off the list.


Second project was to finish the new cover for the old family trunk which has been sitting in my son’s room since I had to make room for the crib. The crib is still lingering but I’m trying to sell it so I can bring the trunk to my room to sit at the end of my bed. I had almost finished the new cover when my overlocker broke a needle and jumped across the fabric cutting through the top. The only thing to do was a whole load of unpicking and start the top again. It is now complete but I didn’t have quite as much fabric as I would have liked so from some angles it does look a little short but it will do for now.

I also managed to work on my little rag dolly for my girl. The first attempt didn’t quite work out but the second was better. Sadly she hasn’t become the ‘go to’ comfort toy as I had hoped but now and then B picks her up, gives her a cuddle and carries her around by an arm or leg for a while, and I guess I’m happy with that. IMG_1404

As for the 12in12, as the month was flying by and time was short I looked for the pattern I thought might be quickest and went with the Lou Box Top. It’s a very straight forward pattern and could easily be done in an hour or two without any interruptions. I was happy with the finish up until I tried it on. Sadly it’s about 6 inches too short in the body for me to be comfortable and I’m not thrilled with how it sits across my shoulders at the back. Some of this may be down to the fabric, I used a light cotton lawn but it doesn’t quite have enough drape to sit well. It also feels a little too boxy for me and I would slim down the sides if I attempt it again. The pattern may work better in a light jersey knit so I may come back to it again at a later date with a different fabric if I find myself with extra time on my hands. Still all is not lost, I have a feeling this version may yet turn into some lightweight summer harem pants for B!



As for March, I think I will be choosing something from the Lotta Jansdotter book I bought. I have had all the pattern sheets copied now so can cut out the pattern pieces without having to trace each piece which makes things a whole lot easier and does save time significantly. I also hope to be getting out into the garden a little as the weather improves and have been cleaning up all my plant pots and tools ready to start sowing some seeds. I have high hopes for the garden this year as I am so much more prepared than last year. I have sown a few carrot seeds already and will soon be getting a few cucumber seeds started off. I have a mini greenhouse to build once we get a little closer to the end of the month and then things can really get going!