February Slow Down

After what seemed like a positive start to the year February feels slow. With kids that seem to catch one sickness bug after another and rushing around from nursery to home, to the supermarket and back and then to nursery again I am struggling to find the time to create. And it’s getting me down.

While I completely adore my two little rat bags I never imagined doing all this on my own. I would never change either of them but its so demanding and never having a minute where I can switch off from being Mummy is tough. To be able to nip out for 10 mins, or go for a little pampering session and get my hair done, or simply sit in a luxurious bath for an hour – these are all things I miss. I know – the time will fly and before long I’ll be moaning that they are always out with friends and they don’t need their Mama so much.

Meanwhile, in-between wiping dirty noses and dishing out antibiotics, my head is bursting with things I want to try. Patterns and fabrics are ready but quiet time free from little fingers eludes me and it won’t get any better with half term break next week!

I find myself browsing Instagram looking at so many creative people getting out there and making and I’m a bit envious although I know that a picture is just a snapshot and nowhere near a reflection of what goes on in a home or workplace, or the chaos just out of shot!

So instead of showing you what I’m working on I can just tell you what I hope I will be able to work on when time and kids allow. IMG_1043

A recent pattern release from Anna Graham of Noodle-Head is the Makers Tote. I don’t really have a specific use in mind for it but as soon as I saw it I wanted to make one and these Twist prints from Dashwood Studios will be perfect. Anna has a great blog and I’m a big fan of her work and have her recently released book Handmade Style on my wish list!

One book I have recently got my hands on is Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style. I want to make just about everything in this book. From a simple blouse to a tunic to a long late summer coat the designs are simple and elegant and I’ve ordered a few fabrics that I hope will do these pieces justice. The book is beautiful, the pictures alone are so bright and inspiring – I am really looking forward to starting something from here!

Another project in my mind that is constantly evolving is making a cloth/rag doll. B is 13 months now and has never had a dolly of her own and I’m hoping to come up with something she will love. I would love for her to find that one toy that becomes her comfort toy, for nap time or bedtime or even just for poorly time but she hasn’t found anything yet so maybe something made by Mama will fit the bill for her. Here’s hoping.



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