January Round Up

I was quite happily blazing a trail towards the end of January and had hoped to have a few more bits finished before the end of the month but sadly Sunday did not go my way and broken sewing machine needles and thread that kept snapping brought me to a halt!

My January achievements were the batwing shirt and this cute lobster knit scarf which has been keeping my neck lovely and warm pretty much since the minute I finished it. The scarf took just 20 minutes and only half a metre of fabric, very reasonable at £5.75 (found here). Quick, easy and a bargain – Winner all round!


To the items I didn’t quite finish – one a framed purse kit that was a Christmas gift. My first attempt didn’t go well but the second was better and it just needs a little hand stitching to finish. The second was a new cover for an old metal trunk which I’m moving from my son’s bedroom to mine. The trunk has a very special place in my heart as it was used by my Dad about 50 years ago when he used to come to England to go to boarding school. He was born out in Kenya and lived there throughout his childhood until his late teens. It is battered and marked and rusted in spots but I love it and will never part with it. Anyway, the cover was almost finished when my overlocker broke a needle and jumped over the fabric cutting right across one of the corners. So upsetting I almost cried. When I can bear to look at it again (in a week or so!) I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Lastly, browsing through Instagram I came across this picture and immediately had to have the Makers Workbook by The Swedish Tracing Paper Shop. I thought I’d try my luck so put out an appeal on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to treat me and luckily enough my marvellous Mum responded in minutes and it was ordered within the hour! I can’t wait to use it to record my handmade wardrobe. I’m almost too nervous to write in it just yet so I am making my notes on some scrap paper ready to ‘write up’ when I’m sure of what I want to put. And now I have it I’m wondering why no-one else has done this before – such a brilliant idea! You can get yours here.



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