Choices, choices!

So here I am, sat (in my Blair Batwing!) trying to figure out what to make in February for my 12in12 challenge. I feel I need to keep it extra simple as half term will no doubt limit my sewing time. There are so many independent designers out there, using the internet and social media to bring their ideas and styles to the general public, but actually choosing a pattern and a fabric to go with it has been baffling me.

Do I go for the cute jacket pattFeb Makeern that came with Issue 21 of Love Sewing magazine in a light and summery striped seersucker? Or the Lou Box top from Sew DIY with a beautiful chambray? Always one for a bargain, today I found a fab bed sheet in Ikea on sale for only a fiver which I think would make a great Ella vest for the summer. And a post of the top ten patterns of 2015 from Burda Style made me instantly want to make the Wrap Top, ranked 5th, with a drapey sage fabric I bought last year but didn’t do anything with.

So what to make?  – Cast your votes now!


3 thoughts on “Choices, choices!

  1. I’d suggest you make an item you can actually wear in February and March, such as the Burda style wrap top (and that sage fabric is well worth making up). But maybe get the Ikea sheet while it’s cheap and hold onto it for making the Ella top when we get to June/July? You know I love the jacket, but I suggest you consider that for April after J’s gone back to nursery xxx


    1. Thanks Penny, good way of thinking. I bought the sheet but can sew it up anytime. The wrap top is top of the list at the moment but I have just come across another pattern which may just beat it! Decisions decisions!


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