Vegetable Garden

Last year a lot of work was done to tidy up the garden. After adding a plum tree in 2014 I wanted to add another fruit tree and it started me thinking about maybe growing some veggies too. I hoped it would be good for J – he could get his hands dirty with the compost and enjoying using the watering can and when required, the hose pipe too (one of his favourite things outdoors!). It was a bit too late in the season to get too much going but we tried peas and radish, carrots and spring onions, lots of lettuce and added couple of rhubarb crowns too.

IMG_20150821_145552The radish grew quickly and well, but he didn’t like the peppery taste so he quickly lost interest in those although I kept putting in a row or two every few weeks to keep them going. We tried the snack size ball carrots and again they did ok but they took much longer to grow so again he lost interest. He did seem to like us occasionally pulling one up to check how they were doing and would give it a good sniff before telling me how carroty they smelled!









The peas started well then succumbed early to powdery mildew but not before we managed to pick a handful of pods a few times and would sit and eat them fresh out of the pod while still sweet and crisp.



So this year I hope to do more and do it better. Santa was very kind in bringing me my own mini grow house to get my seeds started much earlier this year and also to be able to shelter the seedlings until they are more established. So what to plant? While I’ve been told tomatoes and beans are the easiest, they are not things we like to eat so there seems little point. Peas, radish and carrots are a must again, but I’m also hoping to try out some corn, squash, cucumber and kale.

I’ve begun following a few gardeners and allotment holders over on Instagram and am hoping to use them to prompt me and show me what to do when. So this along with a couple of good books and a lot of hope I hope to have a bountiful garden this summer!


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