The Handmade Wardrobe

Since setting myself this challenge I have spent hours browsing the web jotting down the great patterns I find as potential makes for my 12in12. There is a fantastic community of independent designers out there, so many options to choose from, and more than enough to fill your wardrobe.

While I am trying to expand my skills along the way, one of the key points of any pattern that makes it on to the list is simplicity. Running around after my two doesn’t leave me a great deal of time and being able to pick up and put down the work at any point is a must. I’m not a fussy dresser so something simple and classic is a winner. I have no doubt that if I find something really great it will end up being made several times over, in different fabrics, perhaps with different tweaks or adjustments as my skills improve.

On the list for January is the Blair Batwing.  The pattern is now put together and fabric cut out. I need to mark out all the notches and then should be about ready to sew. The one thing I forgot to check for was any additional supplies beyond fabric and thread and so I am having to wait for a delivery of some clear elastic as this is used in the first seam.  Hopefully I’ll remember to check next time and won’t be frustrated at having to wait to get started.

I have also taken delivery of a beautiful denim blue cotton chambray from Merchant and Mills. I’m not sure what it will end up being used for but it is almost silky soft so possibly a summer vest or perhaps a woven tee for when the weather starts to improve? I’m secretly hoping there is enough for both!


Anyway, I’ve pulled some of the patterns together here for easy browsing. Do any of them inspire you? Which would you wear/make? Is there any you would add? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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