12 in 12

I have decided I need a focus for the year ahead. Something positive to keep me from getting bogged down in the mundanities of life.  Something that will challenge me but not so much I’m fearful to get started. Something that will teach me new skills and help me improve on my existing talents so here it is.

I am challenging myself to make my own clothing. One item a month for the rest of the year. It’s already got me buzzing – searching out indie pattern designers, checking out Instagram feeds (check out #handmadewardrobe for inspiration!), and of course fabric shopping.  My hope is that by the end of the year I will have 12 unique handmade items which I will wear for years to come and a bunch of patterns to make over and over again, adding my own tweaks and adaptations along the way.

I made one item in December, a Fen top (pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts) and was really pleased with how it turned out and have already made some notes on how I would adjust it if/when I make it again.  I just need an excuse to wear it now but as things get back to normal now the holidays are drawing to a close I’m sure I’ll get chance soon. Got to take off the sweatpants sometime!

So today I have put together the pattern for the Blair Batwing top from Named Clothing (found here). It’s a fairly simple pattern and should result in a great every day top, something to sling on with jeans, which are an everyday staple for me. The pattern calls for knit fabric which is always tricky to sew with so I think this will be one for the overlocker. I’ve got a great fabric, an Amy Butler knit, and it’s not a fabric print I would pick out on the High Street so something a bit different for me.

So – wish me luck? Untitled 4



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