Christmas and farewell to 2015

Well we’ve been quite busy these last ten days. Family arrived on the 22nd ready to help celebrate baby’s first birthday on the 23rd. I can’t believe it’s only a year since she rushed (quite literally) into my arms. Needless to say she was spoilt rotten and with only a day to breathe before Christmas Day it feels like time has flown by. A lovely Christmas Day with gifts and food saw both kids spoiled by friends and family alike.  When there are many out there across the world suffering and after seeing the terrible floods in the North of England it really brings home just how lucky we are.

Tomorrow brings New Years Eve. You won’t find me out on the town, it’s more than likely I’ll be in bed when the New Year arrives. 2015 has been a tough one, sadness at the end of my marriage but an easy decision that my children must come first and their safety and security will always be my primary concern.

So I look forward to 2016 with hope. Joy to watch B flourish and learn. And no doubt few nerves later in the the year as J leaves the comfort of nursery and starts school.

And for me?  I have hope that there will be someone out there for me and my two, how and when we will meet remains a mystery for now but if that past has shown me anything it’s that a lot can change in a year!

I have found a little time in the post Christmas lull and enjoyed a bit of sewing and hope to make much more in the year ahead. 2016 is also going to be a growing year for me and my two. After some experimenting in 2015 we are now prepared to grown more of our own fruit and veg in 2016 and the Christmas gift of a mini green house will help with that a lot!

Here’s hoping you enjoyed the festive period with loved ones and best wishes for the year ahead.